The Raleigh Press is a self-publisher of historical anthologies.

American Lives and Times - The Revolutionary War, our most recent effort, is a two volume comprehensive collection of contemporary 18th century newspaper articles that describes events of the American Revolution as they unfolded.

The battles, defeats and victories, are all documented; but the life of ordinary citizens in the middle of a violent revolution is also laid out in the course of events.

Our current hyper-politicized times might not be so different from those days. Perhaps the citizens today are no less apprehensive than they were in 1775. Anxiety was palpable then as it is now.

The Raleigh Press has decided to make volume one, From Lexington & Concord to Valley Forge, available as a free download so that citizens today might ponder and appreciate the predicament of our forefathers and their families, and maybe discover the human and uniquely American connection.


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